Fire!!!!! Fire at Muara Tuang Road, Kuching. 火灾实况。

Posted by Terence On Sunday, May 31, 2009 8 comments
While I was cleaning my house, suddenly felt the street outside my house became so happening. So i decided to go out and see. "Wah Lau Eh !!!" ... The black smoke was so high up to the sky ... There is a place nearby where people throw unwanted tyres was on fire. Don't know what the cause. So, instead of calling 999, I grabed my camera instead and headed to the place. .. haha...Pai Sei. I saw a lots of people already with Bomba there as well.... luckily got Bomba ...Ha! ..:) .. So, I quickly shoot some photos for public viewing. :P ...

上海人家食管 Shanghai Renjia Cafe

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听说上海人家食管有十元自助早餐吃, 所以约了阿玲和妹妹去。 上海人家食管是位于火车路一带, 就在火车路的 Bing Cafe 后面。 嗨~~~ 但是,据老板娘说自助早餐只在公共假期才推出。 所以在即将来临的达亚节就会有哦。 有机会的话, 或许可以去试试看。嘻嘻 。。 既然没吃到自助早餐, 还是得点几样东西吃吧。后来, 三个人吃了三十几元。 嘻嘻 。。

Shanghai Renjia Cafe was allocated at Jalan Keretapi or just behind the Bing Cafe that allocated at Jalan Keretapi. Heard that you can eat buffet here, but the owner mentioned to us that, the buffet will only available during Public Holiday, for example this coming Gawai Festival Holiday. So, abit disappointed, but we still ordered something to try out. hehe ...

上海人家食管。 Shanghai Renjia Cafe.

上海人家食管。 Shanghai Renjia Cafe.

室内有中国风的味道。 侍应很友善。 Nice decoration and the waitress is friendly.


吃了就一帆风顺 。。 呵呵。

菜谱有华语和英语翻译。 The Shanghai Renjia Cafe's menu.

老板娘推荐的牛奶咖啡。 是叫一杯磨一杯哦。 但,自己加奶和糖。 嘻嘻 RM2.50 一杯。

上海汤包, 八粒RM10.00。 味道不错, 只是皮比较厚。

上海鱼片面。 RM5.50。 蛮多的。 Shanghai Fish Fillet Noodles. RM5.50.

上海猪肉排骨面。 RM5.50。 Shanghai Pork Rib Noodles RM5.50.

上海牛肉面。 这碗就一般罢了。 汤有点淡。 肉有点硬, 老牛的肉? 呵呵 ... RM6.00。 Shanghai Beef Noodles. RM6.00.

西里京 和 新山果园之旅 Serikin & P. T. Garden Trip

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今天一大清早,跟着一些亲戚朋友乘着租来的一辆巴士就前往西里京和新山果园去。旅程悠闲,天空阳光普照。 大伙都在西里京买了些零食和到新山果园买了些柑带回家。这次也算是不错的旅游吧!嘻嘻 。。
Today, Ah Ling and I decided to join a trip to Serikin and P. T. Garden (Fruit Garden) with my mother, my younger brother, my younger sister and other relatives and friends. We had rented a bus and we take off around 730am. The bus was serious bumping around and i don't know why ... I think the bus absorber should change already. We reach Serikin around 830am. So, wasting no time.... everyone went for shopping along the street of Serikin. The weather is good but .... is REALLY HOT !! .... haha ... everyone were sweating. :P

准备去西里京咯. We were getting ready.

摊子。 This is just a shop at the beginning of the street. there still long way to go ...

天气炎热,要走这么长的街啊。 Alot of shop behind us waiting to be shopped.

包包摊子。 Hand Bag store among the favourite for all the ladies.

买纪念品吗? Small Souvenirs can be found here too.

Curtains Among the favourite too.

最合我心意。 嘻嘻 This one interest me more. hehe yummy... bought 2 pack ...:P

玲,家有一个比较摩登的。 Antique Store alot too. Ah Ling, we got an iron that noneed to use Charcoal one.

Antique camera. Ancestors for all of our camera. hehe

美丽的风铃。 Nice Campanula.

Since the weather is hot, so we stop by in a shop and have some pisang goreng and drinks.

Taste normal.

玲说这ABC很难喝。嘻嘻 Test Bad according to Ah Ling and my brother Ah Hong. Luckily I order 100 plus. hehe

So, after this we headed back to the Bus and went to our another destination P. T. Garden. It take us around 30 minutes according to Ah Hong and is half 'Jalan Jepun' rocky road. I fall asleep during that time .... ZzzzZZzzzz ..... After 30 minutes, i heard someone (Ah Hong) calling ... 'Wake Up Bro, we arrived!!!', So, Quickly follow everyone down the bus and take a look around of P. T. Garden.

新山果园. The sign board of the garden, taken by Ah Ling; because i'm just awaken from sweet dream. zZz..

Another signboard when we were visiting the farm. mostly was Citrus plant.

There was a medium lake which decoration process still ongoing. next time might be better look.

In the lake we can see some Water Lily. Hmm... They seem like dying oledi ... too bad.

Nice scene at the other side of the lake.

Citrus plant.

人人买柑。 Fresh from the farm. Everyone was buying.

新鲜又甜的柑。Look nice ... ermm.. can i have it? hehe ... I did ate it. :P~~ Nice!

Ah Ling bought 1kg cost RM4.

新山果园是刘周贤老板的(穿黄衣的). The guy with yellow shirt is the owner Mr. Liew / Mr Ah Hian.

P. T. Garden is also a place for everyone to go for picnic and u can overnight there too.

这个房间租金150元哦。 According to owner, the rental for this non aircon room is RM150.

BBQ facilities.

小河流让你戏水. Small river that u can swim or have fun with.

The Trip was fun but definitely a hot day. hehe.. So, we reach home around 2pm after that. Hope u all like the photo i shared. have a nice day.

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