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Along The Journey - Sarikei

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During the Gawai Holiday, We decided to went Sarikei (her home town) for holiday to recharge our mind and visit her parent and brother.

Before starting our journey, we went for breakfast with friends.  Luckily this dim sum was nice cause the Kueh Chap I ordered was awful until I can't finish it. (Chen Fatt Kopitiam Premier 101)

Soon we finish our breakfast, the long journey begin.  Heavy traffic along the way and there was alot of new patches to the road made the road abit nice to drive else it would be very bumping.  hmmm... Election Coming?

How long he has to wait for the bus to come? Boring ....

Our friends here suddenly decide to go Bintulu on the same day.  We reached Sarikei about 1:30pm and they came look for us around 4:30pm.  We then meet up with them and ate Kampua noodle in town.  Nice.  Then, they fast and furious to Bintulu and reach there around 9pm.

Busy Kampua noodle store owner. How many Kampua noodle can she sell per day during this holiday?

Kompia for supper.  Usually I can finish 5 if I want to; but this time I only manage one thanks to nice dinner before this supper. hehe .. Very Full.

Sarikei town in the afternoon.

Go buy some mushroom and herbs. A must task.

Now you no need to go Bintangor to eat Bintangor Rozak.  Sarikei also have. hehe ..this one RM5. Nice.

Burger Bun, Look Special? Neh ... Taste Nice? Simply the best. RM1.60

Special Loh Mee. Fantastic. Yummy ...

This is so so yummy. Made by mother in law. Fresh an taste good. Sio Bak Chang!!!

This was always the last place to go when everyone is preparing to go home from Sarikei.  Kompia Store.

My Valentines Day's Menu

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 Valentines Day is around the corner now, restaurants everywhere are cracking their head in creating their Valentines Day's Menu. Business will be boosting for all the gift store and the floral store.  As for me, I'm cracking my head too in creating my own Valentines Day's Menu. hehe ... So, this would be the weekend to cook for her.  Take me whole afternoon to prepare and cook.  Debone the chicken thigh was really really taking time and luckily the knife was sharp enough. Thanks to youtube too. haha ... Well, glad that she loving it and Happy Valentines Day to all.

My Valentines Day's Menu



Swedish Meatballs

Main Course

Chicken Chop with Mushroom Cream Sauce and Spanish Rice

Chinese New Year Eve

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We drove back to Sarikei before Chinese New Year Eve this year.  It is fun to drive your own compare to using the long distance public transport.  Listen to my favourite music and stop and rest where ever I want.  :D  It took me 5 hours drive to reached Sarikei. :P

We stop and rest a while at a small town called Lachau.  There is a small market that sold variety of foods and handicrafts.

During New Year Eve, Her Brother decided to put up 8 long firecrackers.  Wow, interesting. Normally, I just put up 1 or 2. This must be fun.

The Reunion dinner started soon after the amazing firecracker show.  hehe ... Lots of satisfaction, smile and laughter.  Huat Ah!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Our Birthday

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January was full of birthday blessing for both of us from family, friends and colleagues.  Thanks and God Bless You All.

Kuching Sentral

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There is more and more new shopping mall will be opened soon in this cat city.  The recent one will be the Kuching Sentral.  It is a Shopping Mall cum Bus and Taxi Station.  When we visited the place, still alot of shops lot hasn't open yet and some construction here and there.

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