My Alza – Car One Moment , MPV The Next

Posted by Terence On Monday, March 29, 2010 1 comments

Got my new Ivory White Perodua Alza Auto 1.5 Premium before Chinese New Year 2010.  Today, I felt like taking my Alza Photos and post Here.  I like the shape of the car and it is a small MPV with 5 + 2 seaters.  Alza came with 3 version Standard, Premium and Advance Version.

IMG_2570 IMG_2571      IMG_2563 IMG_2562IMG_2565 IMG_2568IMG_2552IMG_2572IMG_2554IMG_2555

Asian Recipe Cafe - Second Attempt

Posted by Terence On Thursday, March 18, 2010 0 comments

Went to Asian Recipe Cafe for 2nd time and this time with Ah Ling , Sister and Brother.  The dishes we tried are nice and will go there again sometime.


Tomato Fried Rice.  RM5.50  (Nice)

18032010  18032010_001  

Garlic Chicken Rice + Salad + Ice Lemon Tea . RM10.30 (Normal) 18032010_002 

Forgot the name.  But portion too small. RM6.00   (Normal)


Mama Fried Noodles. RM5.00 (Nice)18032010_004 18032010_005

Tom Yan Sea Food Mini Rice Noodle.  RM5.50  (Nice)

Happy Birthdays Mom. 妈,生日快乐。

Posted by Terence On Monday, March 8, 2010 0 comments

March 8 was my mother’s birthday. We first when to dinner at The Venue Restaurant at RH Plaza and then we went home to eat birthday cakes with my moms.  Happy Birthday Mommy.

DSC05600_renamed_26153  DSC05601_renamed_10936 DSC05602_renamed_30939 DSC05606_renamed_29444 DSC05607_renamed_11977

Dinner at Asian Recipe Cafe

Posted by Terence On Monday, March 1, 2010 2 comments

After Work, Ah Ling and I went to Premier 101 and dinner at Asian Recipe Cafe. The food and drink are nice to ate and with a reasonable price.  This time we tried the rice category, next time we will try the noodle category.  Yummy. :D


  Asian Recipe Cafe


The Counter


Ice Lemon Tea And Ice Kedundung Juice.  RM 3.50 each.


Nice … Tom Yum Freid Rice. RM5.50 


Pineapple Fried Rice. RM 5.50  … Nice as well. Yummy.

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