"Dicapac" 数码相机防水壳 Dicapac Marine Casing

Posted by Terence On Wednesday, July 29, 2009 1 comments
Before I go to Phuket, I bought a Dicapac Waterproof Case for Eileen's Sony T2 Camera which cost me RM98, so that we can take the marine life underwater during our snorkeling time. For me, Dicapac Waterproof Case is at affordable price, so now I can use my camera underwater without buying the geniune waterproof case that may cost more than RM600. Beside that, because Dicapac is compatibility with variuos models of digital cameras, so I still can use it even if I'm changing my camera next time.

* Waterproof in 5m - 10m deep underwater depends on the model of case.
* Possible to use with lens with and without zoom function.
* Various sizes for different camera sizes.
* UV coated polycarbonate lens allow consumers to take clear pictures.
* Transparent and flexible case for convenient camera control.
* JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) waterproof zipper and Roll & Velco.

Post some pictures and a video that we took using Dicapac Waterproof Case while snorkeling. Cheer~~

Khai Island

贝壳和珊瑚 Shell&Coral @ Phuket

Posted by Terence On Monday, July 27, 2009 2 comments
趁闲着, 把老婆在普吉岛检回来的贝壳和珊瑚拿来拍一拍, 让大家欣赏欣赏。

After dinner, feel like wanna play my camera. hehe ... So, I bring out some Shell and Coral that Eileen picked up during our Honeymoon at Phuket. Shoot them all using Super Macro and made some tune up. Hope you people like it. Cheer. :)

心形珊瑚。 Love Shape Coral.


邦邦古块瀑布之旅 - 第二集 Ban Buan KuKout Waterfall Trip( Second Attempt ) PART 2

Posted by Terence On Friday, July 24, 2009 0 comments
回的路程总是比较轻松 。。 所以一路拍了些花花草草。 去玩邦邦古块瀑布, 在半路途中, 我们来到安娜赖温泉客栈买水喝。 我和阿吴还了RM3去温泉看看, unclelim脚痛没兴趣, 所以留在温泉客栈拍花花草草。

On our way back, You stop by at a store near Annah Rais Hot Spring and get some drinks. Then Ah Goh and I went to the hot spring by paying RM3 per pax. 3 minutes walk to the hot spring and the water kind of warm and it might relax your leg after a long walk. :D ... unclelim, you should try la as ur leg is hurt during the waterfall trip. hehe .. but he take nice photos of flowers that plant around the store, check it out at his blog - http://unclelimphotography.blogspot.com.

青黄分隔。 种稻季节了。



距离沙迪尔乡村不远的安娜赖温泉. Annah Rais Hot Spring.

有泡泡耶.. 水挺热的.. Water Looks pretty warm, bubble rised from the bottom.

阿吴, 你泡河水还是温泉呀?

享受温泉. Enjoying the Hot Spring.
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