终于有柏油路了。。。Tar Road Finally

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等了好几年,家外头的路终于从小石路变成柏油路了。 这下真的造福人群了。耶!

Finally the council has taken the initiative to repair the road, after so many years. Tar road all the way now ... Yeah!

滑溜溜的柏油路。 Smooth Road.

邻家小孩可玩的乐的呢。Everyone was happy, especially the kids.

从头到尾的柏油路。 Tar road all the way.

全新的柏油路启用咯。Tar road is ready.

开花咯~~ blooming

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在老婆的细心照顾下,她所种的花树终于开花了。 卖花的人为这花取了一个很长的名, 只记得三个字 “一炮红”。嘻嘻 。。 因为,那个花有点像鞭炮, 所以就称它为“一炮红”。

Finally, the plant is blooming under special caring from my wife. The flower a bit like a firecracker, don't you think so? hehe

玛比及使格杜瀑布之旅 Trip to Mabi & Skedu Waterfall

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趁着昨天的假期,约了unclelim, 老吴和阿玲去玛比及使格杜瀑布 (Mabi & Skedu Waterfall)。 玛比及使格杜瀑布位于沙迪尔乡村 (Kampung Sadir),是一个靠近古晋砂劳越和加里曼丹边界的一个比达友族村。 所以一大早就集合在我家,然后就往玛比及使格杜瀑布去咯。。。。

为了省时省车油,预先跟unclelim和老吴决定用一条捷径, 希望早点到达。怎么知道这一驾却换来一路的石头路;情况糟透 。。这下残了,不知是否走冤枉路? 还好终于到达了, 但是原本一小时多的路程便成两个多小时。 原来,我们走的是一条老路,因为路况很糟,所以被当地人称为Jalan Jepun "日本路“ 。。嘻嘻。

我们赶紧打点一切, 然后并聘请了导游 - 希腊先生带路。(嘻,Mr. Srat = 希腊先生) 。。 原本所要去的瀑布是邦邦古块瀑布 (Ban Buan Kukout Waterfall), 但从沙迪尔乡村到邦邦古块瀑布,路程需要一个多时辰,加上下雨,山路坎坷,阿玲体力有限 。。 我们就请希腊先生把我们待到玛比及使格杜瀑布去。。嘻嘻。。 一换二, 不好吗? 玛比瀑布,从沙迪尔乡村只需30分钟而使格杜瀑布, 从沙迪尔乡村只需15分。

Yesterday was a holiday. So, unclelim, Mr. Goh, Ah Ling and I was planning a trip to Ban Buan Kukuot Waterfall that located at Kampung Sadir which is a Bidayuh village situated at Sarawak, Malaysia & Kalimantan border. So, we gathered at my house and we departed to the destination around 8:00am.

We decided to take a shorter route to the destination, so that we can reach there early. But unfortunately, we were wrong. We went through a bad condition road .. so called 'Jalan Jepun' by the local people, that made our journey longer than we expected. But Luckily, we reached Kampung Sadir safely around 10:30am something. hehe ...

So, we get ourself ready and hired Mr. Srat as our guide and bring us to Ban Buan Kukuot Waterfall. But seem like the rain, the path condition and Ah Ling feeling dizzy, we were not able to reach Ban Buat Kukout Waterfall. So, we ask Mr. Srat to brought us to 2 other destination which was Mabi & Skedu Waterfall. Ban Buat Kukout Waterfall is one and the half hour journey from Kampung Sadir but Mabi Waterfall which is only 30 minutes from Kampung Sadir on the some path to Ban Buat Kukout Waterfall. After Mabi Waterfall, we went to Skedu Waterfall which is only 15 minutes from Kampung Sadir on the other cemented and slipery path.

仙境。 Beautiful Scene.

Unclelim 的车可真的受到考验了。。 Unclelim's car was really tested this time.

所谓的日本路。 So called "Jalan Jepun" ...

阿玲与仙境。Ling Vs Scene.

unclelim与老吴。 Unclelim & Ah Goh

溪水长流。 The river flows.

阿玲也拍照。 Ling joined in the photographing time too.... Everyone in action.

沙迪尔乡村入口。 Kampung Sadir's Entrance.

准备出发。Ready to go.

准备好了。Lets go.

Unclelim 的全部装备。 Unclelim geared up. Umbrella also? hmm... was raining that time.

老吴,快走吧。 Ah Goh! Lets go ....

玛比瀑布。 Mabi Waterfall.

玛比瀑布。 Mabi Waterfall.

瀑布美人,阿玲。嘻嘻 。 Ling Vs Waterfall.

大家歇一歇。Everyone Resting.

两公婆拍照留个念吧。Husband&Wife Posing.

黄梨姑娘。。嘻嘻。 Ling & the pineapple plants.

独木桥。 small bridge.

往使格杜瀑布去。Heading to Skedu waterfall ... very organised line up ... hehe

使格杜瀑布 Skedu waterfall

使格杜瀑布 Skedu waterfall

老吴捞金?Ah goh! found any gold?

导游 - 希腊先生的神情。 Our Guide, Mr Srat.

小河流。Small River.

谢谢希腊先生帮我们带路,让我们可以看到两个美丽的瀑布。 也谢谢Unclelim 的安排和载我们到目的地。旅游成功!!
Thanks to Mr. Srat for becoming our guide and special thank to unclelim for organising this trip and the transport.
Good Day.

新邦迪卡夜景 Nite Time At Simpang Tiga, Kuching

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普吉岛之旅即将来临, 为了加强拍摄夜景的技术, 昨晚就拿了我的Canon S3去请教Unclelim及约了他到新邦迪卡天桥去练习。以下就是我的作品, Photoshop 了一点。 嘻嘻

In order to strengthen my camera shooting skill on night scene, I took my Canon S3 and went out with Unclelim to Simpang Tiga for practice. The following pictures were my end products, but did Photoshop a bit. Hee hee

耶稣受难日及复活日的来临 Good Friday and Easter

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晚上到富丽华办点日常用品, 顺便逛一逛。 哦?怎么有这么一个布置,兔子报着复活蛋?。。 难道这两天跟兔子有缘?。。 嘻嘻 。。 其实,耶稣受难日及复活日是纪念耶稣受死遇害为我们世人而死, 被钉在十字架上 及 从死里复活,战胜死亡,给了我们有永生的盼望。然而,他也带给了我们喜乐,看这些大人小孩开心的拍照可想而知。。。荣耀归于主。

This evening I went to Boulevard Shopping Mall to buy some grocery and there is
a small section of decoration for Good Friday and Easter Day. The decoration are displaying Easter Bunny holding an Easter Egg. Alot of peoples are having fun and trying to take photo with the decoration.

邻家兔子造访 Rabbits Next Door

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今天早上,和老婆从巴刹回来后,发现家后院两只邻居造访, 帮我们清理后院的杂草。这下可真的帮了我个忙 。。 开玩笑而已 。。 只是隔壁家的兔子绕进我家后院来吃草 。。 难道我家的草比较新鲜?嘻嘻

This morning, after returned from the market with my wife and found two neighbors at my house backyard and help us clean up the grass. This really helped me a favor. . Just Joking. .hehe ... Actually, is only two rabbits from the house next door that came to my house backyard to eat grass. . Hee hee .. May be the grass at my house is more freshy.

奔跑着。。 Running Around

清理着 Clean Up

好好吃哦 Yummy

歇一歇 Resting

好饱哦 Oh well enough

有人来了? Someone coming?

你是谁?May I know who are you?

耳边细语。。是时候走了。。 Weird human ... We better go now!

它们又有新的弟弟妹妹了。。。 五只耶!不用除草咯 。。。嘻嘻
Just next door , They having new brother and sister. . . 5 of them, man! haha, no weeding anymore.

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