Kota Sentosa Market

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Wet market always bring back the memory, where by I'm usually getting up early to follow my parent to went to Kenyalang Market to bought stuff and help them carry the heavy basket from the market to the car. 

Saturday Morning

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After a busy week, Saturday always a day to rest and relax.  So, decided to go to Kota Sentosa Market to bought some vege, fresh meat and fish for coming week supply.  Before that, we went for breakfast at kopitiam near by. Hehe ... Hungry meh~~

Lady Bird

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Is kind of hard to find lady bird now a day.  Aren't lady bird is in red colour? This one was orange and enjoying the tomato plant's leaf at my backyard. hmm...

Let's Think

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Are we all longing for this day?

Will it be more juicy after steamed? or will it more crunchy after fried?

Raining 雨天

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这几天都会下雨吗? 。。。

It's Holga-Time

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Go to http://www.presetsheaven.com/2011/07/08/10-free-holga-lightroom-presets/ and download the zip file and extract it.  Then start the Lightroom and import and image for editing.  Choose Develop tab at the top right hand side of the screen.  Then at the left hand side of the screen, expand the "Preset" menu then right click the "user preset" and select import option and select all the files that were extracted from the zip file.  Wah La!! you now ready to edit your Photos in Holga way. Have Fun! 

All photos edited by - UncleLim (http://unclelimphotography.blogspot.com/).  Thank you.

Character 品格

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Today church sermon's topic was about 'Character', which was very interesting.  Character can affect your own life as well as other people's life in a good way or in a bad way.  Character can decide whether you can succeed in what you do or vice versa.  So, always show your good character no matter where you are and what you do.

Farewell to a friend.

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Yet another colleague resigned.  This time is my friend & big brother, Peter.  A person that I had been twice working together in same company.  His a person which is friendly, helpful, and responsible to everyone and tasks.  Sad to see him leaving the company and regret that no action taken from prevent him to.  Wishing him all the best at a new company and prove the "others" were wrong.  Good luck my friend.

Where Are The Kids? 可悲的游乐场

Posted by Terence On Saturday, July 9, 2011 2 comments
There is one playground somewhere Kuching 5 miles area that has been bugging me.   There are no kids using it.  I wonder where are kids now a day?  Are they playing swing or seesaw in their Ipads or computers? Using fingers or mouse to push the swing or press arrow up and down to move the seesaw?  hmm?? Anyway, to build the playground near the high voltage electric tower and beside busy main road, really no brain one!! Mana otak! ... If somehow the kids climb up the tower? Ang Chua Ho~~!! If the kids accidentally run to the main road? Habis La~~!!

这一个游乐场好可悲哦。 小孩们都不知往哪里玩了? 但是,把游乐场建在高压电塔下和一个繁忙的公路旁, 简直是开玩笑。 太危险了。 而且附近都是小型工业商店。  难怪没人用啦!!

Simply Shoot 随便拍拍

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Simply Shoot.  随便拍拍而以。 嘻嘻 。。

The Corner

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After surrounded by machinery and vehicles at all corner outside the office,  there is one little corner which is full of lovely coneflower that was planted by our office Aunty Rose.  Since I brought my camera, UncleLim (http://unclelimphotography.blogspot.com/) and I just took of few shoots of it after work. hehe....

This was my shoots.  Still more to learn. hehe ...

UncleLim always has much much better technique than me. Sharp and Steady. hehe...

Power Up ...

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Finally, I getting my own rechargeable battery and the battery charger for my camera.  I was actually searching for a brand called eneloop but it was not available and i decide to try another brand.  It called PowerBase rapid charger and it includes 4 rechargeable battery.  This charger has 2 mode, "Charger" and "Output".  The batteries capacity are 2350 mAh and 1000 Charging Cycles.   It cost RM90 and came with car adapter which mean i can charge the battery in car. ha!  This Charger ada SIRIM one. hehe

Morning ...

Posted by Terence On Friday, July 1, 2011 2 comments
It has been so long that I kept my camera Canon S3 IS in my drawer because I haven't replace the batteries.  Luckily it still working and thanks to UncleLim (http://unclelimphotography.blogspot.com/) for lending me the batteries.  Finally, I can bring out the camera and take few shoots with it.  I think it is time for me to get the batteries and charger. hehe

Ladies finger plant's flower.

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