Sin Kee Siang Klang Claypot Bak Kut Teh 新纪香肉骨茶

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Another new place to eat Bak Kut Teh, Sin Kee Siang Klang Claypot Bak Kut Teh, Phew~~ the name so long.  It was located on the left hand side of the road towards Jalan Song's traffic light from Kuching Buddhist Society (居士林).  Turn in before a car wash centre and you also will see a big Sin Kee Siang sign board.  Kind of easy to find.  Their business hour will be from 9am - 10pm.

Nice Design.  No aircon but with ceiling fans, don't know how's the condition when it come to very hot day.

The Environment.

Write the order yourself. hehe ...

The Menu. Not only Bak Kut Teh, but also some side dishes like vege, fried egg and etc.

Nice.  But It's the first time i tried bak kut teh with sticky soup. Is sticky then the other store. abit only .. ermm. abit sticky la. :P

Worth to try but if you are rice eater, then you need few plates because it real less. :P

Time Passing Snapping

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Fooling around at my brother gift shop just to pass time because the netbook was corrupted by virus.

Night Incident

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A moment of scared last night.  While she was bowling some water,  the glass toping of the gas stove suddenly crack due to faulthy gas stove nozzel.  Luckily we were inside the house.  We then quickly disconnect the gas stove from the gas tank.  Phew~~~ ... Really doubt about the quality of the gas stove now a day.  Haiiii ...

The starting point of the incident, the nozzle.

The entire glass toping crack.


Taiwan Day 8

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I'm leaving on the jet plane, is time to going home.  A trip to remembered.


Taiwan Day 7

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It was the 7th day and also the last day we will be in Taipei, Taiwan.  So, we going to visit the National Palace Museum. a National Museum of Taiwan that has 600000 plus pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks.  We are not allowed to take pictures inside the museum, so only take few photos at the outside and the main hall only.

After listen to history and is time to lunch.  We were going to a restaurant that has weird design until someone call it a ghost house. :P Thus the building looked like 2 girls standing?

After lunch, we then visit another shopping mall in Taipei, Miramar.  Which the Taipei eye located, another Ferris Wheel.

After Miramar Mall, we went to Shilin Night Market, one of the famous night market in Taiwan as well.  It was like 4pm as we arrived early.

The best place for the girls.  Cheap and nice.

The busy road at Shilin Night market.

Few things we ate at Shilin Night Market. Nice , nice, nice.  Steam Chinese Bun, Fried Oyster with egg, Dumpling Noodle.

The famous of all, super big fried chicken chop.

Long Long queue, luckily arrived earlier.

Our last dinner was nice as well but we too full to eat already because we just enjoy our life at Shilin. hehe...we still eat some though. haha..don't waste meh....:P

Taiwan Day 6

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We were going to head back to Taipei early in the morning on the 6th day of the trip.  Soon we reach Taipei,  We are going to buy some pineaple tart which has very nice taste and popular at Vigor Kobo Bakery House.

Famous pineapple tart and the one in the pictures is limited edition only. Only have 100pcs.

After we bought the pineapple tart, we wen to the  the National revolutionary Martyr's Syrine which dedicated to the war dead of the republic.  You get to see the ceremonial changing of guards and some performance of riffles by the guards. (Check out the video below this post.)

We were having a nice buffet lunch during the day.  Alots of foods to choose and you can ask the cooks to fried the meats on the spot for you.

Take the meats and veges you like and choose the sauce you want.  Then ask the cooks to fried it for you.  Wah La! Shiok!!!! Sedap!! Eat all you can, oh! :P

Simply Shoot.  We going to Taipei 101.  But not using this bicycle la. :D

Taipei 101.

All High Class Stuff. :D

What you see in the picture, is one of the entry of the street.  When you go inside, it likes a maze (迷宫).  Here, you find alot of clothing stores but the quality sometime is a question. :P

After 2hrs at Wu Fen Pu Street, is time to eat. Shabu Shabu time.  Eat all you can. Yummy!  Then after dinner, we back to our hotel and can call it a day.

Big Big Room. Nice.

Performance by the guard.

Taiwan Day 5

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It was the fifth day of the trip.  We will head back to TaiChung in the afternoon.  So first in the morning, we visit a pearl culture center in KaoSiong which you will see the information on how taiwanese produce pearl by using mountain water or freshwater.  You also get to see how they milled the pearl into pearl powder on the spot and the powder is very famous and expensive for its multi purpose usage in area of cosmetic and health.

The machine to milled the pearl.

Fo Guang Shan is very famous among the world as it is one of the largest Buddhist organisation and also one of the largest charity organistion in Taiwan.  Master Hsing Yun (星云大师) was the founder of Fo Guang Shan.

Wishing Well.

After visit Fo Guang Shan, we then head to MeiNung Hakka Folk Villege to have our lunch by trying out the hakka cuisine and the famous 'LuiCha'.

The Lunch and the Hakka cuisine.  Not Bad. :)

The famous 'LuiCha' was nice to drink. Hmm, taste like coffee. hehe... I hardly tryout 'LuiCha' in my home town, Kuching ... as it is totally different from this one. :D

After Hakka Village, is time to head back to TaiChung.  But, we were then stopped by at a tea garden, which u get to tryout how to picked a tea leaf.  Here, we get to buy the best Taiwan's 'Wulong' tea according to them and also the green tea powder.

As soon we reach Taichung, we will going to one of the famous night market called 'Feng Chia' (逢甲夜市). There will be alot of things to eat and buy again.

Before we start to walk around Feng Chia night market, We go for dinner first in one restaurant.  Yeah, eat again, then buy things eat at night market again.  So, do you think you gonna hungry during the night?  :D

The Happening Night Market.  Malaysia Satay? Wow, Malaysia Boleh!!! ... but no try, haha.

The Gold Stolen Thief! Its Fried Squid with filling.  Hmmm,  Looking for this as I saw alot of ppl eating while walking around.  Alamak, Long queue lagi and almost time to gathered, no choice... queued and bought it. Don't want to regret. haha...sorry Mr. tour guide for waiting. hehe, Really no regret of buying this.  Nice!

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